Optimize your shelf management with our automatic facing merchandising solutions

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Our EASY range covers
66% of your outlet space

One or more solutions for each of your store sections !
You will find THE solution to fit your store departments, among our 4 EASY range display concepts, all complementary and designed to match with a maximum of your packaging needs.


Looking for the best solution to equip your store section?

* Food and health & beauty sections


An overall and modularautomatic concept

• Boost your sales through highlighting
your shopping areas all day long
• Gain time and efficiency
thanks to removable modules
• Increase product visibility throughout the day

A solution suitable for numerous product categories (dry/frozen food, home, media, pet store sections). Especially adapted to positive and negative cold environments.

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An automatic facing devicevery simple to fit!

• Give perfect visibility to your range with products always to hand.
• Optimize your sections management thanks to an easy-fit and quick fix solution.

The ideal solution for beverage, dairies and sauce lines as well as heavy and flat-bottomed packaging.

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A multi-functional all-in-one merchandising offering

• Make your shelves attractive
to trigger purchase
• Avoid too much handling to fill in your store sections.
• Use this divisible display device to adjust to all depths of furniture.

Designed especially for more than 30 complex product categories such as chocolate bars or delicatessen items.

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The consistent andcontrolled facing solution

• Store and structure your shelves in order to boost product visibility and sales.
• Secure your shelf display and push your products to the front with this speed reduction divider.
• Reduce storage time spending and increase customer service.

 Use for champagne, wine, beer, soda, liquor sections and also oil and vinegar bottles.

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