Make your customers live a distinctive shopping experience and drive emotion to your sales outlet.

Specific fittings to guide shoppers

  • Front displays
  • Banners
  • POS informatives
  • Edge bands
  • Communication for shelves entry


Pôle apéro - LABEYRIE

Porticos, frames or windows to highlight your products on shelves

  • Modular : height and width-adjustable
  • Customizable : color, shape, fitting, accessories
  • Luminous : possibility of built-in lighting

Specifically customized furniture with a "boutique" effect

  • Tailor-made
  • Multi-material : wood, metal, plastics
  • With built-in merchandising devices

TG chocolate bars - POULAIN

Fitting product category - PURINA

Light to strengthen brand visibility

  • Light-up front displays with powerful anti-slip magnets
  • Interchangeable visual designs
  • LED strips
  • Luminous showcases

????????????? ??????????

A culinary and simple markup see tomorrow more attractive that the SITOUR teams realized in ? ?????? and several ???????? :
➡️ A clearer concept around a new sequentiality built on the texture axis with 5 poles identified!
➡️ An agile concept around a new sequentiality adapted to the region and the distribution channel.
➡️ A merchant concept to facilitate purchasing and generate impulse
➡️ An interactive concept with digital solutions to create more impact
➡️ A categorical concept to showcase the product universe.

Balisage marque - MUSTELA

Multifunctional segmentation profiles to create your own specific universe

  • B-U Profile
  • B-U Tray
  • Segmentation rails

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The side tray ; the ideal device to enhance a product

  • Magnetic tray on shelf
  • POS sign extended to customers path
  • Brand communication

Plateau glorifier - BARILLA

Kakémono rotatif - SAFORELLE

Communication accessories and visual holders to highlight your brands

  • Magnetic tray on shelf
  • POS sign extended to customers path
  • Brand communication
  • POS information