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Provide your customers with the opportunity to buy more responsibly and sustainably with our bulk merchandising solutions

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A new range at the service of your business and a new consumption mode



Bulk is part of an eco-responsible trend and has become a true attraction for customers over the years. This helps a store to set apart from all others and invites customers to chose this very one shop.



The fun side of these shelves boosts impulse sales, since it offers customers the opportunity to test new products at a lower cost and with the right quantity.



Buying in bulk is an attractive shopping experience, leading to high customer conversion and loyalty scores.



Bulk enables to create a more authentic shelf and to differentiate a range. Some products can only be sold in bulk which increases these shelves attractiveness.

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Gravity bins

Switch to bulk in complete safety with our gravity bins, the sustainable and innovative solution to boost your sales!

Our Bulk it! gravity bins are 100% Made in France, one more reason to adopt them!

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New! Bulk it! Gravity bins

New! Bulk it! Scoop bins

Scoop bins

Expand your offer with our new scoop bins : a reliable, modular and ergonomic solution for bulk sales to build customer loyalty and explore new growth opportunities!

Opt for the most modern and ergonomic scoop bins on the market.

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Bulk it ! more than a consumption habit, a state of mind!

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Materials used to manufacture gravity and scoop bins have carefully been selected according to their recyclability properties and their origin
in order to reduce CO² emissions:
– European raw materials
– Made in France

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Transparent parts are 100% recyclable and the base of gravity bins is made of 80% recycled materials which leads to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps achieve energy savings. A double move for the environment!

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In order to reduce our CO2 emissions in the long term, we work with partners who opt for carbon offset logistics solutions.
The choice to manufacture our products in Europe participates in this logic by favoring road transport.

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In order to reduce our CO² emissions on the long-term, we work with partners who chose carbon offsets logistic solutions. The decision to manufacture our products in France is part of this approach favouring road transportation.

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Our products are entirely washable, without material alteration, in order to ensure a long service lifetime.

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Repair rather than throw: all our products are entirely dismountable and each part can be sold separately. We believe extending the life of our products is also reducing our impact on the planet!

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