Bulk solutions

Give your customers the opportunity
to shop differently

Our commitments


We guarantee
and economic products.


We provide easy-care products,
aligned with European legislation
and compliant to hygiene rules.


We increase product interaction
thanks to a better visibility which
also boosts impulse buying.

Gravity bins

Give your shoppers the opportunity to buy the « fair quantity »
at the best price, and deliver bagged products directly through the bin.

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Bulk solutions - AUCHAN

Franprix project

Scoop bins

Expand your offering or your product categories with our scoop bins ; the ideal containers for bulky or delicate foods.

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Mixmo, the "Pix & Mix"solution

A hygienic bin concept designed to prevent consumers from touching goods ; ideal for sweets, coffee, beans, nuts, dry fruits, pet food or pasta.

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Pix & Mix - LECLERC

BIODAY project

Specific fittings

Our team takes charge of all your multi-material projects, from design to laying.

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Breakfast furniture

Candies furniture

Non-food bulk containers

  • Cross-merchandising
  • Discount bins
  • Display baskets for pharmacies
  • Individual bins