Green Act

Let’s build a more sustainable world together

The objectives of our Green Act are to include eco-design criteria in every stage of the product’s lifecycle, and more generally, into our operating mode.

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A committed approach with our partners and in our workshop of Cormeilles-en-Parisis

Group 39

French conception and design

An in-house R&D department placing its skills at the service of standard product ranges and tailor-made solutions.

Group 22

Short supply chains for much of our production

Proptotyping, signage,
folded label-holders and kit packing in our workshop of Cormeilles-en-Parisis (just outside Paris).

Group 19

Multi-skilled partners

We favour nearby suppliers and partners delivering a certified quality approach. 45% of our production is carried out in France.


Our sustainable
standard solutions

Display your price labels, communicate and present your brand in a responsible way !


EASYPUSH CHOCOLATE, 80% of recycled material

  • An all-in-one merchandising device combining a divider with a built-in pusher
  • Made with 80% of recycled materials from industrial waste
  • Made in France

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Ladder and plate stands

Display your price labels, communicate and structure your offering with standard sustainable solutions

1/3 of our merchandising solutions are made from recycled material from industrial waste

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PET folded paper label holders made in France

10% of the folded label-holders, manufactured
in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, are made from PET

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Our tailored sustainable solutions
create a unique shopping experience

Discover our distinctive merchandising concepts in line with your environmental requirements !

Yves-Rocher  eco-designed bus stop signs, made in France from 50% recycled material

  • Removable and steerable bus stop signs that fit onto 0.5 to 4 mm supports
  • Eco-designed products made in France with 50% of recycled material
  • Packaged in a FSC-PEFC certified recycled paper envelope and printed with the instructions to reduce packaging

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Bus stop sign - Yves-Rocher

PARANIX project

B-U CLIP, a compact and multifunctional communication accessory

  • This accessory allows to communicate on shelves without using stickers, magnets or folding
  • To be delivered flat, ready to assemble in store, reducing the amount of packaging

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